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Examples: Chr1:844,200..847,799, AT2G29630, AT1G04295.1, AT3TE60465, rRNA.
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The following 30 regions match your request.


Name Type Description Position Match Score
AT2G01010 gene:TAIR9 rRNA Chr2:3706..5513 10
AT2G01010 gene:TAIR10 rRNA Chr2:3706..5513 10
AT2G01020 gene:TAIR9 rRNA Chr2:5782..5945 10
AT2G01020 gene:TAIR10 rRNA Chr2:5782..5945 10
AT3G41768 gene:TAIR9 rRNA Chr3:14197677..14199484 10
AT3G41768 gene:TAIR10 rRNA Chr3:14197677..14199484 10
AT3G41979 gene:TAIR9 rRNA Chr3:14199753..14199916 10
AT3G41979 gene:TAIR10 rRNA Chr3:14199753..14199916 10
ATCG00920 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:101012..102502 10
ATCG00920 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:101012..102502 10
ATCG00950 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:104691..107500 10
ATCG00950 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:104691..107500 10
ATCG00960 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:107599..107701 10
ATCG00960 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:107599..107701 10
ATCG00970 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:107949..108069 10
ATCG00970 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:107949..108069 10
ATCG01160 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:130580..130700 10
ATCG01160 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:130580..130700 10
ATCG01170 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:130948..131050 10
ATCG01170 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:130948..131050 10
ATCG01180 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:131149..133958 10
ATCG01180 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:131149..133958 10
ATCG01210 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrC:136147..137637 10
ATCG01210 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrC:136147..137637 10
ATMG00020 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrM:8848..11415 10
ATMG00020 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrM:8848..11415 10
ATMG01380 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrM:361062..361179 10
ATMG01380 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrM:361062..361179 10
ATMG01390 gene:TAIR9 rRNA ChrM:361350..363284 10
ATMG01390 gene:TAIR10 rRNA ChrM:361350..363284 10

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